Birdfoot Violet

Birdfoot Violet is the perfect room to get away from the hustle and bustle with soothing colors, great lighting and luxurious feeling linen to sleep and relax in. The four poster king size bed is hand carved and is paired with painted furniture in a light and airy room of greens and pale lavender-gray.

This cozy room is on the second floor and overlooks Boyd Park's Tennis courts. It is right next door to Le Petit Spa, our on-site spa services.

The bathroom has a walk in shower with wonderful amenities including soaps, shampoo, conditioner and of course the now famous rubber ducky!

Would you like us to hold this room for you? Call us at 800-537-8195.

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Birdfoot Violet: Viola pedata or Birdfoot Violet is also known as the mountain pansy. It is the largest of the many violets native to our mountains. They are usually bluish, but can range from white to purple. They bloom from March to June. They are a butterfly and bee host plant. Some butterflies lay their eggs on the stems, the caterpillars eat the leaves and bees and butterflies eat the nectar.

Have you noticed how elusive the scent of violets is? A major component of the violet scent is a ketone compound called ionone. This compound temporarily desensitizes the scent receptors in your nose. One sniff is all you get. The fragrance is still there, but your nose can’t smell it.

Look for them in dry fields, clearings in the woods and along the roadside.

Please call 800-537-8195 or 828-693-9193 to reserve your room.

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