Fire Pink

Fire Pink is a relaxing room in soft greens with a huge King sized bed. Relax and refresh your body and spirit.

This room is on the third floor with southern exposure. The big windows overlooking our small Certified Wildlife Habitat make this room light and bright in the morning and soft and cozy in the evening.

The bathroom has a five foot long claw-footed soaking tub with a shower. We provide all the wonderful amenities including soaps, shampoo, conditioner and of course the now famous rubber ducky!

Would you like us to hold this room for you? Call us at 800-537-8195.

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Fire Pink Plant: Silene virginica or Fire Pink is a small wild carnation. The bright red color makes it easy to spot. They have five narrow notched petals. They bloom from April to August. They attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

You can see Fire Pink all around here. Look in rich woods, on rocky slopes, in dry open woodlands and meadows.

Please call 800-537-8195 or 828-693-9193 to reserve your room.

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